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NCLBC Statement In Support of a Fair North Carolina Judiciary

The North Carolina Legislative Black Caucus is deeply concerned about the recent disciplinary proceedings initiated against Associate Justice Anita Earls. The Legislative Black Caucus expects that all judicial standards will be fairly and evenly applied to all judicial officers regardless of their race or ethnicity. Justice Earls has brought credible claims of racial bias, judicial intimidation, and the failure to fairly and evenly apply these judicial standards. These claims are extremely troubling to the Legislative Black Caucus, and it should concern the people of North Carolina.

Our courts play a vital role in our government. They are impartial interpreters of the laws that should guarantee fairness and safety in every community across our state. Courts must uphold the rule of law, and their functions should not be compromised by partisanship or racism.The Legislative Black Caucus stands for a fair, impartial, and independent judiciary. Everyone in our state should expect judges to not be unfairly targeted, especially for exercising their constitutional right to freedom of speech. When judges become targets, every American becomes a target.

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