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Officers 2023-2024

Officers and Board Members 2023-2024

OfficersTerm EndsName
PresidentJune 2024Charles Malone
1st Vice-PresidentJune 2024David Lovere
2nd Vice-PresidentJune 2024Ken Romley
3rd Vice-PresidentJune 2024Clarence Greene
TreasurerJune 2024Bill Toole
SecretaryJune 2024Steven Hill
Board Members  
3rd YearJune 2026Brendan Fetters
3rd YearJune 2026James Mettrey
3rd YearJune 2026John W. Shaw
3rd YearJune 2026Perry Woods
2rd YearJune 2025Paul Anderson
2rd YearJune 2025Fred Aikens
2rd YearJune 2025Richard Loeppert
2rd YearJune 2025John Reeder
1st YearJune 2024Rhonda Bond
1st YearJune 2024Ronnie Condrey
1st YearJune 2024Ruth Merkle
1st YearJune 2024Seth Morris
Ex-Officio (non-voting)  
Immediate Past President Henry Jarrett
Chair, Wake County D.P. Kevyn Creech

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